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Lava shell Massage.

One of the speciality massage forms, is increasingly popular today among massage therapists and bodyworkers due to the amazing benefits from the warmth of lava shells. The comforting heat of the lava shells are applied to different parts of the body to ease muscles and alleviate pain and stress, promoting enhanced blood circulation and deep relaxation.

1 hour £35.00

Specialised Massage

Aromatic oils are prescribed to suit the individual needs. These are blended and used with special massage techniques. A choice of oil based or natural shea butter synergised with the finest essential oils,

1 hour £38.00

Well Being Back Massage

Focussed purely on the back and shoulder area to relive tension and aching muscle.

20 mins £35.00

Energised Massage

An uplifting massage for head and shoulders treatment that brings you back to life and revives the body with positive energy.

Facial Steam Massage

This includes small circular movements promoting a healthy complexion with chamomile, geranium, lemon and rose. Specially blended for particular skin types. You can choose from a range of quality professional  Products.  Dermalogica Deluxe facial and face mapping. Premium use of Dermalogical products for your skin health.

60 mins £60.00

55 mins £35.00

De-stress Massage

Ideal for an evening massage. This deeply relaxing synergy of Rosewood, Melissa, Geranium, and other choiced essential oils soothes the mind, melt tensions and harmonise the body.

1 hour £28.00

Aching Joints And Muscle Massage

Excellent for arthritic pain or stiff muscles, soothing oils helps to relive muscular aches and pains.

45 mins £20.00

Rebalancing Massage

This restorative synergy of cedarwood, clary sage Geranium, Palmarosa and Ylang Ylang reawakens the senses, focus the mind and balance the mood. Excellent for PMT, hormonal imbalance and anxiety.

1 hour £26.00

Foot Massage and Spa Treatment

After a hard and hetic day, it is important to look after our feet.  Nothing can be more pampering than a soothing massage. Foot spa massage is in the hot trend, as it is one of the most popular forms of pedicure therapies. The essential oils used in the treatment do all the wonders in de-stressing the tired muscles and re-vitialise and softens the feet. We use Aromepur soy wax candles as part of this deluxe treatment to hydrate and moisturise the hard areas of the feet.

40 mins £20.00

Hand Massage

Lavender. Rose, Chamomile, soothes tired hands.

20 mins £10.00

Gellux Nails

Gloss colour gel lasting up to 15 days.


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